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Bio Post

Hey guys! Please respond to this post with the (non-secret) parts of your bio for reference.

[personal profile] qalaba 2015-06-03 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
Qunari Ben-Hassrath. Tallis to be exact. Now Tal-Vashoth. Which was a mistake all of their own.
They were sent out to track down and kill a videthari hissrad who went Tal-Vashoth for their lover (an Antivan they were spying on). They failed to kill the videthari and the lover, actually lets them go because they were moved by their story.
After that failure they took the name Qalaba and decided to track someone who might be of interest to the Qun, as a way to get back in their good graces. Which lead to them being labeled Tal-Vashoth anyway.
Great way to finish a first mission ever, right?
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[personal profile] goldengirlaurelia 2015-06-03 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Aurelia, 17 years old.
Half Orlesian, half Antivan elvhen rogue.

She was 7 years old when the Blight hit Ferelden, not that she was terribly affected by it. She was taught her rogue skills by another elf a few years later, and that very same elf is something of a father figure to her to this day. The elf's lover was also the one to give her her cat, Vito.

Aurelia plays a flute, although it's more of a passing fancy than anything she takes seriously. She can hold a tune, but as of right now, anything terribly fancy is beyond her reach.
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[personal profile] edan 2015-06-03 05:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Edan, mid-twenties, Chasind heritage, Circle mage from Kinloch Hold.
Primary specialization spirit healing. Has dabbled with blood magic on the side, mostly out of interest for its possible applications in healing, but isn't very practiced with it (kinda hard to practice when everyone around you considers it a taboo) and has never used it in combat.

As a child, they visited a Ferelden settlement with some of the adults from their tribe for trading purposes and Edan was apprehended by templars when the locals realized they were a mage. They hated the Circle, harboring a lot of resentment about being forcefully separated from their tribe and their heritage and feeling alienated as a Chasind 'barbarian' child in a predominantly Andrastian environment.

They learned early on to stay quiet about their faith and their unconventional beliefs about spirits, realizing that vocally opposing Chantry doctrine in the Circle would only put them in danger -- curiosity and empathy for spirits could be easily construed as susceptibility to temptation and demonic possession. They knew that if they were seen as too much of a risk, they would not even be allowed to attempt their Harrowing and they would just be made Tranquil instead. Their training as a spirit healer was one of the only things that allowed them to (quietly) maintain a connection to their heritage.

Unsurprisingly, they were most aligned with the pro-mage liberation politics of the Libertarian fraternity and joined the Mage Rebellion the first chance they got.
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[personal profile] sergolem 2015-06-03 08:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Adventure, Spirit of Purpose (aka "Ser Golem")

Over the ages, Adventure has taken a string of human and elven commoners alike to the path of greatness - as long as they define it the same way. Adventure has always been fascinated with stories and archetypes of heroes and explorers, and has made that the core of his idea of the human experience. This is true to the point that in every incarnation, Adventure seeks to fulfill the same checklist:

1. Rescue a damsel (or dane) in distress [IN PROGRESS]
2. Earn favor and title from a royal court [FIRST, FIGURE OUT WHERE I AM]
3. Discover a priceless treasure [FRIENDSHIP? NO, NEED SOMETHING BETTER]
4. Defeat a legendary beast (Need not be a dragon. Is usually a dragon.) [DOES IT COUNT IF I AM A LEGENDARY BEAST?]

However, our game finds Adventure just after an unpleasant, misfortunate ending with the relationship of his previous host - and circumstances beyond his control have bound him to the body of a steel golem!
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[personal profile] nevarranknife 2015-06-03 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Knife

Age: True Age Unknown~ late twenties

They favour two handed weapons, particularly axes/ great swords, but will make do with a sword and shield if pressed. Reaver specialization.

Gender: Agender/Neutrois

Pronouns: Them, they, their. They will respond to gendered pronouns, if pressed. Female pronouns will however gain great ire.

Prized items: a single braid of hair on their wrist contains Ash blonde and black hair and a single halla bead.

Country of Origin: Nevarra

Found wandering the land surrounding Perendale in 9:34 Dragon in a fugue state, Knives was taken in by a local human smith. Nameless , they were quickly dubbed “Knife”, by the local population”. Eventually they quickly found they had a talent for swordplay, and managed to scrape some grudging respect from the locals participating in Wyvern hunts. It was after such a hunt in 9:38 that they were offered work with a Mercenary group passing through the area on their way to Orlais from the Free Marches. The Smith long dead, Knife left with the band, spending the next few years travelling over southern Thedas. The band and Knife parted ways just previous to current events.

Whilst they would not define themselves as “Pro-mage”, Knives stands by the belief that no one should be judged for their circumstances of birth. However they will show an aversion to any mage that favours Blood or Fire magic. If asked why, they would be unable/unwilling to provide an answer.

They still have no memory of their life before Perendale.
They favour actions over words.

Hearing loss: Left ear – deaf (able to detect low base/vibrations only) Right ear is 80%. Suffers from low level tinnitus.