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It's been chaos in Ferelden for months now. The mage/templar war was only the start of it all, sending refugees spilling out into the wild, easy picking for bandits and overzealous templars. And now the sky itself has begun to tear, unleashing all manner of spirits and demons on the vulnerable masses.

Some say it's the end of the world. Perhaps they're right.

There's word of a group that can help. The Inquisition, a controversial rival organization to the Chantry, to hear some tell it, led by the supposed Herald of Andraste, rumored to be able to seal the rifts. But whether or not the Inquisition is all it claims to be, they are currently far, far away from Southern Ferelden.

The Tevinters, unfortunately, are not. You may have heard the rumors about the events at Redcliffe, strange whispers of the fates of the rebel mages holed up within. The Tevinters are supposed to have been driven out of Redcliffe. Unfortunately, some, at least, came here.

Some seem to have kept to themselves, holed up in strange, ancient ruins in the outskirts of the Wilds. Whatever they're doing, it can't be good. But at least they're not as bad as the slavers.

You're not really sure when they grabbed you. You must have fought, certainly, but sitting here all you can remember is vague flashes of color and light, and then silence.

The cell you wake up in is dark and cramped, and you can feel the press of others around you. There must be at least six of you in here, manacled together. A heavy locked door lies in one of the walls, a small slit below it open just enough to peer through if you'd like.


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Aurelia awoke to the sound of someone cursing. Rather colorfully. She tried to reach for her sword, her quarterstaff, hell, even a rock to defend herself with, only to find that she was cuffed.

She tried to turn to the person who had spoken, an apologetic grin already forming on her face. "Hi?" Internally, she was yelling at herself, telling herself it was foolish to try and grin her way out of a situation. But then, it had sort of worked before, hadn't it?


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Qalaba blinks groggily, "What the-?" As they attempt to rub the bump forming on their head they realize they're in chains. They look around and see the predicament they're in. "Well, this is a new one."

Testing the strength of the chains, they didn't want to give with brute force, but perhaps if they had something that they could use to pry at least one link open...

"Anyone got a steel bar?"
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