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There is, unfortunately, a reason that the task of lockpicking is best left to the subtler sort.

The door does, to Adventure's credit, fly from its hinges the heavy steel toppling inwards on the cramped cell.

Knife, unable to hear even Adventure's booming voice from their awkward location, barely dives out of the way in time to avoid the brunt of the damage, and their right leg - unbroken - is pinned beneath the metal.

Edan is significantly less fortunate. Knocked off balance by Knife's movement, they are entirely immobilized by the combined weight of the door and the people around them. Something snaps, followed shortly by a blinding pain in their left arm as they are knocked over, and they black out briefly.

Qalaba tries to move out of the way of the door instinctively, but their movement is cut short by the chains surrounding them. Fortunately, their bulk and relative distance protect them, and they are unharmed, if slightly winded.

Aurelia, clearly not expecting the golem to have such an immediate reaction, fails to stand back in time. However, with Qalaba shielding her, she escapes all but perhaps some minor bruising as she falls back into the chaos.

Branwen, at least, processes Adventure's warning in time, and hastily backpedals to safety with time to spare.

Gerta, farthest from the door, barely even needs to move to avoid the door, and remains uninjured.

And as for Adventure himself, the durable golem's body remains unharmed by the exertion. He will, however, notice as he moves that something about the metal in his right arm seems different, somehow - weaker.
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