Date: 2015-06-04 08:53 pm (UTC)
The low loud boom from the adjoining room caused Knife to stiffen with dread. Even if they had not been able to hear it, with their ear pressed to the floor, they could feel it. Whatever it was, It couldn’t be good. So when the mass that had kept them pinned to the wall released them, they were very quick to jump to their feet. They were getting out of here and that was that. Now stood up, they could see the mass of bodies that filled the room, connected in sequence by chains. Thankfully they were near the front, and even in the low light could easily pick out the door.
Well if no-one else was going to make an attempt to find out where they were and get of here, then they would have to. Rolling their shoulder to ease the knots out of their shoulders from the awkward sleeping arrangement, the elf climbed on and over, the mass who they assumed was a Qunari, all the while not being too kind about where they were standing. For someone so small, knife foots steps were heavy and sure.

Momentarily regarding the door, Knife considered attempting to kick the door loose from its hinges. As fun as it would be, it wasn’t exactly a bright idea to run head long into a fight still chained up. Awkwardly dropping to the floor, Knife silently glanced beneath the door. From what they could make out the room looked empty. There was what looked to be a table, but aside from that there appeared to be nothing else there. Okay so they’re day was definitely getting better. That was until they noticed a pair of giant steel boots.

Okay so the room wasn’t empty.
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